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Night Sweats: The Cause Can Be Elusive

Published June 25, 2018

Night sweats are something of a mystery malady. It’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of this life-disrupting condition because there are so many possibilities, and it tends to strike out of nowhere, without warning or any apparent reason. Some cases are mild, but others can make their victims quite miserable. Unless you’ve experienced night sweats, it’s difficult to imagine being awakened from a sound sleep and finding yourself and your night clothes so totally drenched, along with your sheets, your blanket, and your pillow, that you have to get up and completely change your bed. It’s easy to understand why victims of night sweats say they get very little sleep, particularly if they’re aroused multiple times a night. The more you learn about the possible causes of night sweats, including hormonal disruptions, the better positioned you will be to work with your healthcare provider to identify and treat the cause. Read more…

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  • I can’t say enough about the difference that the team at BodyLogicMD of Fort Lauderdale has made in improving my Hashimoto’s [disease] and overall health! I feel like a new person and the results have truly been dramatic. The team at BodyLogicMD offers a very comprehensive approach to understanding what your body really needs and the steps to get there.…Read More
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Thackrey for 5 years and have been extremely happy with my results since my initial visit. I originally came to Dr. Thackrey for my hypothyroidism. Not only did Dr. Thackrey help me get this under control with the proper medication we also discussed the aging process since I was turning 50 years old.…Read More
  • Having been under major stress for many years, I felt I needed a new approach to caring for myself. Although I wasn't diagnosed with any MAJOR illnesses like some of my friends, (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease and diabetes). I wanted more insight into how to start living life with optimum health. Susan Compton, PA-C with BodyLogicMD offered hormone balancing, dietary changes & targeted supplements. I feel better and…Read More
  • After my hysterectomy in 2011 I felt like I had literally become menopausal overnight.  I could check off almost every classic symptom of menopause: night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, painful intercourse and more.  My surgeon prescribed Premarin which alleviated some symptoms but I just didn't feel like me anymore.  After doing some research, I found Susan Compton at BodyLogic…Read More


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