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nutritionYou know what they say, “you are what you eat.” Today, that colloquialism is renowned as a researched and respected truth. Research and clinical experience have shown time and time again that balanced nutrition is the very epicenter of health and wellbeing. Your diet affects not only how well your body functions but how well you age, your risk of disease and even how you look and feel.

That’s right everything you eat impacts how you look and feel.

Did you know that sugar causes wrinkles?

Or that your gut secretes the same chemical messengers related to mood as your brain?

Every single thing you put in your mouth affects your total body, including your mind and your waistline.

Benefits of Physician-Guided Nutrition & Weight Loss

Physician-guided nutrition is the best way to achieve all your health or weight loss goals. With a physician-guided nutrition plan, you can stop hassling with fad diets and wondering if the latest gimmick is going to work you. The team at Lauderdale Health and Wellness will help identify food sensitivities, address behavioral eating habits and detoxify your system all while teaching you to lose weight and/or manage a healthy weight. Nutrition and weight Loss programs at Lauderdale Health and Wellness include:

Take the first step to changing your health from the inside out. Talk to the team at Lauderdale Health and Wellness about your nutritional needs and weight loss and management goals. Together, you can develop a nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle and maximizes your health.

Experience a whole new way to eat and enjoy a whole new way of living. Contact Lauderdale Health and Wellness to get started on a customized nutrition plan today.



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  • I can’t say enough about the difference that the team at BodyLogicMD of Fort Lauderdale has made in improving my Hashimoto’s [disease] and overall health! I feel like a new person and the results have truly been dramatic. The team at BodyLogicMD offers a very comprehensive approach to understanding what your body really needs and the steps to get there.…Read More
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Thackrey for 5 years and have been extremely happy with my results since my initial visit. I originally came to Dr. Thackrey for my hypothyroidism. Not only did Dr. Thackrey help me get this under control with the proper medication we also discussed the aging process since I was turning 50 years old.…Read More
  • Having been under major stress for many years, I felt I needed a new approach to caring for myself. Although I wasn't diagnosed with any MAJOR illnesses like some of my friends, (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease and diabetes). I wanted more insight into how to start living life with optimum health. Susan Compton, PA-C with BodyLogicMD offered hormone balancing, dietary changes & targeted supplements. I feel better and…Read More
  • After my hysterectomy in 2011 I felt like I had literally become menopausal overnight.  I could check off almost every classic symptom of menopause: night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, painful intercourse and more.  My surgeon prescribed Premarin which alleviated some symptoms but I just didn't feel like me anymore.  After doing some research, I found Susan Compton at BodyLogic…Read More


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